“Charla Cunningham is an extraordinary therapist. She has worked with our daughter for two years now and has made a tremendous difference in our lives. When we came for our first visit with Charla we watched as she got down on the floor at the level of our daughter and just started to play with her. And through that play she was able to gather a tremendous amount of information in a very short period of time while having fun. Since then we have participated in drama camps and social skills groups and have seen our daughter grow from both experiences. The concept of getting to issues and ideas with a child who has limited function in social integration by using play and theater was very appealing to us, so we jumped in. We have never regretted it. Our daughter always looks forward to her sessions with Charla and comes away from them with a better understanding of the world and a group of friends for life.”

–Parents of a 9 year old girl

“Since my daughter started participating in Charla’s social skills group I’ve seen a huge jump in her ability to fit in with her peers, enjoy social interactions, and feel good about herself. Charla has an amazing way of working with kids to bring out their best.”

–Jennifer Weinberg

“Charla’s talent in working with children to improve social behaviors while creating a warm, safe and fun environment is priceless. What she does is very unique. We are grateful to Charla for her help.”

–parent of a nine year old girl

“Charla’s committed, broad experience with children with different needs has brought us such wisdom and perspective, and hope. Her groups provide the real time, real context so very necessary to teaching our children how to navigate ever challenging social landscapes. Our daughter looked forward to coming each week and I did too as I also learned from other parents raising children with similar challenges. Charla has created a unique model where children and their families can feel successful.”

– Parent of a ten year old girl with social anxiety